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Homosexuality: Choice or not? Shouldn’t matter!

I see over and over again the debate on homosexuality circling around choice. But it doesn’t matter. It’s perfectly fine to be gay, either way. The question of nature vs nurture is completely irrelevant. Whether you choose to be gay or if that’s just who you are, it’s alright. “So what if I choose to be gay? I’m perfectly free to do so.”, is what homosexuals should say and kill the debate right there. But I fear that even homosexuals believe that their orientation needs to be justified, excused, explained. That is not needed. Be gay, if that’s what you want, but don’t excuse it. If you do, then it means you’re ashamed. It means you’d rather not.

It’s truly sad when gay people argue “I didn’t wake up one day and decide to be harassed, bullied and beat up. I just didn’t choose this”. The whole line of reasoning is pointless, unnecessary, and flawed. Gay people who argue this way really undermine the whole effort for equal rights for homosexuals. I’ve made choices my whole life that got me beat up and bullied, and I’m hardly alone. Political prisoners are not born with the opinions that get them persecuted, they freely choose to hold those opinions. The whole argument is flawed, but more than that it’s not needed. Drop it. Do not excuse yourself for being gay, enjoy it.

Nadeem J. Qureshi