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Spiritual lessons from physiology

A seated, listless child, who was among many k...

The correct way to sit is the way in which you are going to sit next. To vary the way you sit is the right way to sit, because parts of your spine are nurtured only by being squeezed and released from different angles. The fluids flow in and out carrying nutrients and waste.

It’s the same with spirituality, as the mind or soul is nurtured in pretty much the same way as your spine. The right religion is your next religion. The right ideology is your next ideology.

Don’t get stuck and static. It will starve your mind, and yet you will think it is growing. A child with kwashiorkhor, protein deficiency, develops a bloated belly. You’d be foolish to think it’s because he’s eaten a lot and he’s full, when it’s quite the opposite.

Similarly, the starved mind becomes bloated. It looks bigger, and that’s how we deceive ourselves and each other.

I look at fifty year olds and they have been carrying the same religion, the same ideology and the same spirituality their fathers gave them when they were just five. They have been sitting still in that position for decades. Their spines are so starved that they’re practically spineless. In some ways they are still five year olds. Their minds are bloated and could easily impress. They can tell you every last detail about sitting still, and they call it religion, they call it knowledge.

Knowledge is not just the sum of all the things you know to be right. A big chunk is the sum of all things you know you have been wrong about. This chunk really is the biggest part of knowledge, and the best way to become more knowledgeable is to grow this part.

Don’t be fooled by the size of your mind and your intellect. Be intelligent. Keep varying the way you sit. Get up and move about, and sit somewhere else. Then do it all over again.

Nadeem J. Qureshi