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Spiritual lessons from omega-3 oils

Omega 3 oils are great as longs as they’re fresh, and not so great once they go rancid. Then they might become really bad for you. These oils are sensitive to heat, and seemingly very fragile.

Like omega 3 oils, thoughts are good for you as long they’re fresh, but they have a very limited shelf life. They rot away quickly, especially inside a hot tempered mind.

Thoughts are healthy for you as long as they’re fresh. If you’ve been holding on to the same thoughts for weeks, months and years, they’ve probably gone bad by now.

Every now and then, you should look inside your self for old thoughts, as you would look inside your refrigerator for expired food. Just throw them out.

Sometimes I watch the TV show about hoarding.

“Normal” people don’t really fathom how these hoarders put up with such a life. In much the same way, I don’t understand how people can keep hoarding and hoarding thoughts. The mind becomes a mess, no different from what you see in that video. And like the hoarders, people are unable to let go of even the most rancid thought they have because emotions are involved, or the fear of having been wrong. So you end up getting religion, and politics, and ideologies, and culture and tradition. All of it, just rancid.

But something is different when it comes to thoughts. It’s socially accepted to hoard thoughts. Everyone’s doing it. The more you have, the more you’ll be praised for being smart, resourceful, intelligent and so on.

It’s not that people don’t think enough. Thoughts are spontaneous things. They come, they go, seemingly on their own accord. No, the problem is not the lack of thinking on part of people. It’s the mess they have inside their heads. There is no room for spontaneous thoughts. No space. Nothing can happen. Just utter apathy.

Fresh thoughts are really good for you, but don’t cling to them once they go bad. As rule of thumb, we can assume that all thoughts expire within a month. So change your mind about something, anything, atleast once every 30 days.

Happy thinking!

Nadeem J. Qureshi